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Courtney Has Brain Surgery Cue Badass Warrior Woman

2019 Nov 09, 2020
““Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
– Khalil Gibran”

Meet Courtney. She is my beautiful friend. Courtney is 2 weeks post brain surgery.

Here is her story;

“I don't like the term "journey", something about it annoys me. So this isn't my journey, it's a story. One story of one part of my life.

When I was a teenager I started to experience pain. Weird pain, extreme pain for an otherwise healthy kid. Pain in my back, my joints, my head. Migraines & headaches like my head was going to explode at any minute.

I stopped liking sport, because it made everything hurt. I felt like everyone thought I was lazy & a sook. Kids teased me, teachers rolled their eyes at me. As I got older I just joked that I was lazy & didn't like getting sweaty & hot. Partly true, as my body's thermostat isn't great, once I'm hot it takes hours to cool down, being sweaty makes me feel like...

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Jasmine And Her Babes In Perth Hills

2019 Nov 09, 2020
““Few parents have the courage and independence to care more for their children’s happiness than for their success.”
― Alfie Kohn, ”

So I have a friend called Jas, she’s one of my besties in the entire world and one of the reasons why I became a birth photographer.

When I was on maternity leave from my “day” job with my daughter Isa, I was bored. You see, I am someone who needs to be working, whether that is creative working or working working and being a stay-at-home mama is just not for me. So while I love both my rugrats, I love doing something else too and after I had been at home with Isa for a year, I had itchy feet, I wanted to do something else. Jas, who was my go to when I needed a rant, always listened with an open heart. I was saying, I want to get back into photography but I definitely don’t want to shoot weddings again or babies in bowls or anything studio, I appreciate it togs, but it’s not my...

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A Little Angel Sprinkling Star Dust On Me

2019 Nov 09, 2020
“Even the Smallest of feet have the Power to leave Everlasting Footprints upon this world - Author Unknown”

So I feel like I only write a blog post when I achieve something or win awards etc and after this blog post, I’m totally gonna start writing something about how crap I am - I promise! But for today, I am going to shout it from the rooftops that I am a FINALIST APPA DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR for 2019! Soooooo close I could smell the win but alas no cigar - coming in at bridesmaid level is such a feat in itself. I’ve never been in the running before and I’ve been entering since 2014. This is kinda a big deal. For me and for those who are in the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) scene.

I need to thank a few people:

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I won 2019 AIPP WA EPSON Documentary Photographer of the Year Award - Yes!!!!!!!

2019 awards Nov 09, 2020

So I am beginning to pick myself off the couch and realise what an AMAZING night I had at the 2019 AIPP Epson WA Professional Photographer of the Year Awards!

Long post ahead....

A massive CONGRATS to Mark Brierley who is the overall winner !!! So well deserving and I am so happy for you!!! To think we were both fretting over our entries this year....BOOYAH!

To all my friends who won categories; Simone Addison for Portrait, Julie Kerbel for Travel, Mel Cieslik for Newborn and Mark Brierley for Commercial, well done!

To my mates who made finalists, Adam Levi Browne for Wedding, Seng Mah for Travel, Bianca Turri for Commercial, Chris Saunders for Illustrative, Hilary Adamson and Channon Williamson for Newborn, Steve Wise for Portrait - you're all winners in my eyes. 

So I won 2019 AIPP WA EPSON Documentary Photographer of the Year Award

So documentary....yes baby!

I really really wanted to win this category this year and I DID IT!!!! I'm so...

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Yewwwwwwww Birth Becomes Her Image Contest Ramblings

2019 awards Nov 09, 2020

My photo came 2nd in the entire competition!!!! So much gratitude to the family for letting me share this divine capture with you all xx

So the 2019 Birth Becomes Her image Contest results are in and I am absolutely blown away to announce I came 2nd with my crowning photo of a nuchal hand and cord AND I also won People’s Choice Award - what a week it’s been!

There were over 1200 entries and honestly, the calibre of images were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I can only imagine how challenging it would have been for the judges to choose the winners. Birth Becomes Her founders, Monet and Jenn state “this year's contest will make you cry, laugh, and remember just how incredible birth can be” - Amen to that I say!

CONGRATULATIONS to Sadie Wild Photography for taking out top spot and to all the category winners - you’re all just amazing!

Follow the link HERE to see the Winners and all the other extraordinary captures.


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Here's 2018 Wrapped Up In A Blog Post

2018 Nov 09, 2020

20 Babies in 2018 - 10 girls and 10 boys!

This year has been a wild ride. 

I can’t even count the amount of newborn, family and maternity photo shoots I’ve done this year, not to mention working another job (I know, estoy loca right?!) being a mama and juggling on-call life. 

2018 has seen me capture 20 births, 10 girls and 10 boys - how even is that?

Not all were thriving births but all babies have left a place in my heart so deep that I am forever changed. I may not be the most outspoken person on social media but I hope that my work has left a little piece of love in cyber world. I am insanely passionate about shooting my birth and motherhood sessions and I hope you can see how much I love what I do.

Lacey Barratt and I giving Bree Downes (winner of the ACM birth photography awards) a love sandwich

Lacey Barratt and I giving Bree Downes (winner of the ACM birth...

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My Journey To Becoming A Heartfelt Photographer

2018 Nov 09, 2020

This photograph of Leia's parents holding Leia received a Silver Award at the WA Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Awards last week. Shared with the family's permission to raise awareness of miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss.

Note: this blog post is about stillbirth and infant loss.

"A moment in our arms....a lifetime in our hearts" 

It was December 2016 when I applied to become a Heartfelt photographer. 

This is something I had wanted to do for so long. I didn’t know if I could do it though. Did I have something to offer these families? Would I be strong enough? Good enough? 

I am a big believer in listening to the universe. I trust that the right doors will open at the right time and things happen when they are meant to and my journey to become a Heartfelt photographer was definitely no exception. 

So after 18 months, it is the right time and I will tell you why. 

I have photographed over 70 births. While they...

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Goodbye 2017 - Hello 2018

2018 Nov 09, 2020

So much to love about my job

So it's the New Year and I'm reflecting on how 2017 was for me. I know it was a hard year for a lot of us and for me, it was an incredible time of personal growth and also kicking some career goals. To summarise, I loved 2017 and here are some highlights:

  • Christelle and I collaborated on Project One Heart and travelled to Sydney photographing 30 families of colour in total
  • I became a Reiki practitioner
  • A Tonkinese kitty whom we named Django joined our family
  • I captured 14 births and had 6 months off-call
  • An absolute dream of mine came true when I won WA Documentary Photographer of the Year
  • I turned 40!!!!!
  • We finished our home renos after 3 years
  • I had 2 photos in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize
  • My clients and I were interviewed for the West Australian on the rise in popularity of birth photography. The article is here if you missed it
  • I spent my first Christmas off-call in 5 years
  • I was one of 4...
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A Newsletter Turned Blog Post

2017 awards Nov 09, 2020

My Birth and Pregnancy photos exhibited at the awards. Photo credit: Laura Robertson

SUMMER is almost here!!!! Are you enjoying the flowers blooming and warmer weather...  or do you want all the pollen to go away because of hay fever??

Christmas is only 6 weeks away!!! I have no idea where the time went! But this also means it's COMPETITION TIME and I'll be releasing the info on how to WIN a photo shoot for FREE very soon. So make sure you follow me on Facebook page - {just hit the "like" button} or check out my Instagram feed {yes, go on you need to hit the "follow" button} so you can be full bottle on all the deets....

Awards, recognition and happiness.....gosh where do I begin?

I was a finalist in the inaugural Australian College of Midwives Birth Photography Awards and had two photos exhibited at their conference and awards night in Adelaide. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there on the night but I watched the live streaming and couldn't believe that I...

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The Real Reason I Unfollowed You

2017 Nov 09, 2020
 Photo by the amazing Ashlee Wells for 4th Trimester Bodies Project

10/10 is World Mental Health Day

I have taken this day to reflect on my own mental 'healthiness' and see what has been going on for me lately. I have pondered on the challenges that I experience being a photographer and in particular the struggles of social media in this context. Anyone who knows me understands that I have a love/hate relationship with social media. On one hand it has let me connect and engage with a massive audience and collaborate, learn, network, grow and be inspired by other creatives and photographers. It has the potential to influence a wide range of people in a very short amount of time. I have seen this firsthand with photos of mine that are currently going viral at the moment. On the other hand, well, I think it can be destructive. So in my reflection and in support of 10/1o, I have decided to share a little bit more of myself...

"Comparison is the...

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