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I know what it feels like starting a photography business; blindly learning to build a brand on your own while juggling the demands of life, family, motherhood and your regular 9-5.

I’m Belle (she/her), award-winning published Photographer, here weekly to empower passionate photographers to create undeniable influence and make bank. Camera Queens is one of those Business Podcasts Australia’s best businesses follow - because we’re real, focus on the shit that matters and will give you actionable ideas to put into place to fast track your business to success!

Sharing with you my experiences and interviews with industry leaders I support female and non-binary professional photographers to find their focus, live in alignment, stand in their power, and become the best version of themselves as they strive to create sustainable and profitable creative businesses.

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55. Success Stories: Camera Queens Mentee Spotlight Edition

Apr 12, 2024

54. Ditch the Doubt to Grow Your Business with Breanna May

Apr 05, 2024

53. Why Mini's Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Mar 29, 2024

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