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Belle Verdiglione

Award-winning photographer, speaker and founder of the Camera Queens 


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"I absolutely loved working with Belle. She is intuitive, fun, wise and deep and captures imagery so seamlessly and powerfully These photos are proof of who I am. Not even my wedding portraits (of just me) make me feel like this. I'm so teary but in such a beautiful way."

Sigourney Weldon
International Bestselling Author

"Belle is the most amazing human being. The experience and the photographs aren't just keepsakes, but a transmission of art, wisdom and healing. I've experienced two photoshoots with Belle now, one solo and one with my partner, and each time I come of out the session transformed. She treats the session with reverence and invite you UP into your zone of authenticity. Each session was personally empowering as I was moving through some challenging times and it allowed me to be seen and expressed. When you book a session with Belle for your business, yourself, your family - you're not just receiving photos you are receiving a whole experience that is an up-levelling to the ways the world sees you. I will continue to shout Belle's work from the rooftops as this is how photoshoots should be."

Zsuzsa Octaviano

"You are legendary I LOVE the photos and am sooo excited to bring these into my branding. Thank you again for everything you do. You are truly world-class talented and such an incredible human + so much fun to work with"

Hellè Weston
Co-founder of Owaken Breathwork and Intuitive Guide & Spirit-Led Strategist

"There is no one on this planet who holds humans in their potency and visually encapsulates their evolving identity like Belle can. Her work is truly one of a kind. I have had several Potent Identity™ photoshoots with Belle over the last 12 months, purely because I'm obsessed with the way I get to witness my soul soar and my presence become more and more powerful through the lens she so effortlessly sees me through. She SEES you, and she helps you see yourself. In a way that others just can't mistake or misread. She is my secret weapon in life and business, and my experience of sharing my story wouldn't be the same without her."

Tara Caetano
Founder of The Sensual Mother

"I have had professional photos, private mentoring, attended an in-person workshop as well as Belle's From Potential to Potent online birth photography course. I am beginning to believe more in my self worth and I'm happier with my work since working with you. Belle is amazing at what she does, from her truth bombs to her big heart. I can't wait to work with her again!"

Sara Bresser
Student of the "From Potential to Potent Photography" Course

"I’ve been following you 4EVA!! I love your photography & style! In the past year I recognised a change in you and watched as you started to unravel and show yourself. This really appealed to me so much and I desperately wanted to be able to achieve this myself. I wanted to understand the art of not giving a fuck (you do it so damn well!) Why you? Because you spoke to me in a language I understood!"

Jo Robertson
Lillian Craze Birth Photography

"I have just completed the "From Potential to Potent Birth Photography Course" with Belle. It was absolutely awesome and not your average Birth Photography course. Belle is an amazing, caring, kind authentic human. If you have ever wanted to learn from her, have her photograph you... just do it, you will not be disappointed, surprised maybe but never disappointed."

Jacqui Sheppard
Student of the "From Potential to Potent Birth Photography" Course

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