A Family Portrait Photography Event

The Daydreamers; a Creative Content Creation Experience for dreamers, lovers and humanists aka photographers 

Family Portrait Photography

You are the perfect Daydreamer if:

👉 you love shooting motherhood & family genres, and have a deep love for family portrait photography 

👉you feel deeply and froth over capturing connection, depth and heart in images

👉you thrive on being creative without the client pressure of having to perform 

👉you value soul & heart led art with a whimsical aesthetic 

👉you tell stories with soul in your images or weave magic with your words

👉you are a beginner photographer who needs lots of juicy family portrait photography content for your website & socials OR you are a pro tog who wants to shake up your energy and do something different 

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The Daydreamer Family Portrait Photography Experience

  • Beautiful Perth River Location at sunset 
  • 3 Gorgeous mama models and props to create a whimsical aesthetic 
  • Likeminded Daydreamers to connect with & bounce ideas off
  • A space to go as slow as you need and be intentional with your creative process
  • Done for You Experience with 3 muses; the models, the location & styling is all done. Just rock up with your camera in hand (bring a tripod if you want to do some slow shutter speed captures), and get ready for a family portrait experience that will change your perspectives
  • 2 mentors: On the ground guidance with ME and Amanda from Earth & Soul Photography - all your questions answered in real time
  • DATE: Saturday 20th April 4pm into blue hour
  • LOCATION: Dalkeith, Perth
  • only 12 spots 
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The Daydreamers; Creative Content Creation Experience is not a high energy, fast paced, loud & bustling “workshop” for family portrait photography.

It is an intimate and safe space for you to explore different lighting techniques, practice posing & using prompts & focusing on shooting love & connection, in a slow & intentional way. It’s family portrait photography that will shift your focus and perspective, and give you space to reimagine what family portrait photography can be.

If you are an introvert, highly sensitive person or have challenges (anxiety/ADHD etc) these creative sessions are perfect for you. 

There are no expectations to perform or create. No one will be judging you or how you show up. The Daydreamers who come to these sessions will value what you do. There is time to go slow, breathe and settle into the session. 

Sound juicy? 

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Let's weave a nourishing tapestry of humanness into our work so it's felt for generations to come Belle x


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