Unearthing Identity in Passionate Photographers to create undeniable influence and six-figure success.

“Belle Verdiglione is one of the greatest photographers, entrepreneurs and biz coaches Australia has ever seen."

- Mahlia Mack, Perth Photographer

“Who was I to be a successful, internationally renowned photographer? Was I even that good?” 

I can tell you now that no matter how many awards you win or how much praise you receive, no amount of external validation will ever bring you the wealth of worthiness that you need to feel the full potency and power of your own work...

To create the kind of success that brings you to your knees, and be the bold embodiment of your own one of a kind identity; the one that really makes a mark in the world. 

Over the years I’ve seen some of the most talented storytellers I know fall into the same trap of self-doubt and stifle their success:

• They struggle to see how they stand out in an oversaturated market

• They’re holding themselves back from using social media in a connected and confident way

• Their vision isn’t clear, and so their target market isn’t either

• Without potent branding, they’re still playing with a hobby vs making the money that they should be

• They don’t know how to have a potent online presence 

• And they’re drowning in admin and late-night editing sessions, without the structure and schedules that can support them

And most of all, they don’t know who they are behind the lens.

Because it takes more than just heart and honing your craft to create the kind of art that sets you apart. Knowing WHO you are is everything!

After 9 years of running my own six-figure photography business, embodying my own potent identity has been the satiating success strategy that’s seen me create more opportunities and impactful work than ever before.

Because creating a successful photography business isn’t just a numbers game based on luck and leads. It’s about bringing your most authentic self to the potency of your passion - and letting it be seen!

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“The lady who believes in community over competition. The lady who gives so much of herself that I truly am not sure how she has anything left. The lady who inspires so many, who brings a room of women to tears (in a good way). Who works with people in a way that is so insanely magical it hard to believe it’s real; Belle Verdiglione, you are a true Queen! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to learn from you. To learn from each other. To grow, support and encourage.”

- Rachel Collier Photography

In a world of storytellers with plenty to say, it takes knowing yourself deeply to actually BE what you say, and let that unshakeable potency make waves through the world.

Together we unravel the layers of who you are as a visionary artist, equip you with the expert tips to running a photography business with ease, and ignite the undeniable light within you that helps you leverage your superpowers, grow your business and leave a legacy that you’re proud to lead.

Ready to be seen in your potent identity and take your photography biz to new heights?

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What they said:

“You are an inspiration and I am so glad that I found you when I found you.
Thank you for giving so much to others and for the most wonderful day.”

“I'm actually very overwhelmed with love and gratitude from today. You are the most generous, beautiful, incredible soul. I connected with you instantly. I can tell that we are going to be in each others lives a lot more.”

“I walked away from our call wanting more; more for my business, more creativity flowing, more for myself as a human and a woman in business…. I can’t wait for our next one.”




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