Do you want to scale your biz in a way that feels super aligned?


Curious how to infuse the soul into your business?


Are you ready to have the confidence to show up as YOU?

Soulful She-E-O

An event hosted by Award-winning Photographer, Belle Verdiglione
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The Soulful She-E-O shoots from the heart and swims in abundance. She’s supportive while being supported. Rising together, the leaders of these fempires value connection, celebration and fun. 

 A Soulful She-E-O jumps out of bed every day with a full body YES to life. 
She is energised by her soul’s mission and ready to spread her light to the world  
Often you will feel her before you see her because her energy is MAGNETIC 
And she is the one surrounded by women who are beaming and equally radiant. 

Because a Soulful She-E-O knows that she can do it alone. But she chooses not to. She knows that having a community in her corner is worth more than accolades and awards. Who wants to have it all when there is no one to share it with? 

When: Saturday 28th August 2021

Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

Where:  Feld & Co 6/496 Marmion Street, Booragoon


📸 What's Included:

  • 4 Incredible Speakers
  • Mimosa/Prosecco on arrival
  • Connect with amazing likeminded Soulful She-E-O's in Perth 
  • Treat your taste buds with a delicious lunch 
  • Professional pics by Zoe from Alchemy Brand Studio in front of our Insta worthy photo wall
  • Dazzling Door Prizes


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Host and Speaker Belle Verdiglione

Belle Verdiglione is a photography coach and founder of the Camera Queens.

She is obsessed with supporting photographers and creative entrepreneurs to create profitable and sustainable businesses and values the ethos "community over competition".

Belle is a fierce advocate for women being able to shine and live a life that is authentically and unapologetically true to them.

Get ready for the fire to be reignited as Belle drops her truth bombs and lets you in on how she increased her sales by 252% in the last financial year while staying true to her purpose. 


Speaker Steph Gorton 

Stephanie Gorton is the coach who’s going to take your business from start-up to 6 figures in six months.

After building and selling her first 6-figure startup in just under three years, Steph now shows female entrepreneurs how to do the same. She's gone on to build a half-million-dollar mastermind-style coaching business. To date, she has coached over 350 women to successfully grow their businesses to $10k+ months. Steph has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, PerthNow (The Sunday Times), The Daily Mail & Mamamia, sharing her startup journey and how finding one's passion can lead to ultimate freedom.

Speaker Jessie McGarry

Jessie McGarry is a doula, speaker and coach, soulfully supporting women on their adventures.

This pun loving, milo obsessed, Mama of 3 and multiple biz owner gets her kicks out of guiding people back to their power, so they can remain in charge and right in the centre of their experience. She’s a badass believer in making your own rules, divorcing the hustle culture and seeking out the liberation and light in all we do, whether it’s birth, business or anything in between.

Speaker Courtney Wilder

Courtney is an intuitive heart-led, soul-centred, intuitive business coach, and business astrologist. Courtney empowers her clients to reconnect with their souls calling, align with their impact, and create their legacy.


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  • 4 inspirational speakers 
  • Mimosa on arrival 
  • Scrumptious lunch provided
  • Hang out and network with likeminded Soulful She-E-O's 
  • Professional pics by Zoe from Alchemy Brand Studio in front of our Insta worthy photo wall   


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Walk Away Feeling... 

★ excited to take aligned action in your business 

★ confident that you are good enough to be unapologetically you 

★ knowing how to weave your essence into your work 

★ inspired to take your business to the next level 

★ rejuvenated with a greater sense of clarity on where you are going

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“The lady who believes in community over competition. The lady who gives so much of herself that I truly am not sure how she has anything left. The lady who inspires so many, who brings a room of women to tears (in a good way). Who works with people in a way that is so insanely magical it hard to believe it’s real; Belle Verdiglione, you are a true Queen! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to learn from you. To learn from each other. To grow, support and encourage.”

Rachel Collier

Perth Photographer